Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thailand GIs

Thailand continues to be active in registering Geographic Indications (GIs).  This is prompted by strong local industries such as silk and foods. But there has also been cooperation with the EU on various fronts. This includes EU help on registration systems, as well as support from major European GI owners (like the Champagne Committee), and most interestingly of all an EU project on commercialising GIs, leading to some real commerical deals being done, e.g. between some of the champagne houses and the Thai silk industry. As a result Thailand is becoming somewhat of a centre for GIs in Asia. 

The latest one is from the Napa Valley Vintners, the nonprofit organisation of the 420 Napa Valley wineries. Thailand will now protect the California wine region from misuse of its name.

IP Komodo understands that 35 GIs have now been registered in Thailand of which 27 are from local Thai producers. The IP office publishes an impressive brochure on all the local producers and their histories. Many involve tasty Thai foods, which IP Komodo thinks would be tasty if he didn't live only on dead meat.

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