Friday, November 11, 2011

Wikileaks and Philippines IPR protection

The Wikileaks according to some, contain juicy IP revelations. IP Komodo is disappointed that most of the alleged revelations are nothing more than which US entities are behind which lobbying proposals. So it hardly seems exciting to hear that the Motion Picture Association does indeed want to stop film downloads in Australia, to use one example.

IP Komodo has taken a look through some of the released Wikileaks Department of State cables from Manila on IPR issues. These include reports on internal meetings with the IP authorities, roundtables, communications on the USTR Special 301 reviews and briefings for USG visits among others.
One example which has been reported on is the issue of pricing of pharmaceutical drugs and the arguments over the Cheaper Medicines Act which was enacted in 2008. Reports that Pfizer was involved in the lobbying are hardly scandalous, given the host of other lobbies. Pharma companies like any IP holders are validly interested stakeholders. To single them out, as has been done in some reports as having behaved badly over lobbying to restrict the effect of the Act seems wrong. There were many advocates in favour of the Act and the lobbies against big pharma have their right to assert their position. Complaint (usiually by the anti big Pharma lobby) that Pharma companies should not have been lobbying, after the event seems more churlish than scandalous.

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