Monday, April 18, 2011

Inter-Continental Hotels and apartments of the same name

A nice dispute in the Central Jakarta District Court has reached trial. Inter-Continental Hotels Corporation of Georgia, USA is suing well Indonesian known development conglomerate PT. Lippo Tbk over its "The Intercontinental" Lippo trademark. The plaintiffs of course claim well known status for their international hotel brand, registered in Indonesia in class 43 since 1993.

But the defendant managed to register its brand The Intercontinental in class 36 for apartment services in 2008. Lippo's attorney  claimed to the press that apartments and hotels are not the same and " there are significant differences between the two, so the public could not be fooled."  But Inter-Continental Hotels will no doubt  be incensed at such a closely related class being appropriated. News reports suggest the Lippo Intercontinental will be located in Kemang, the expatriate area of South Jakarta.

These kinds of disputes are increasingly common as new apartment blocks rise at a rapid rate in Jakarta, all seeking to sound exclusive by using exotic foregn names. Many more such disputes are on the way.

The chairman of the judges Nani Indrawati indicated that the trial is at evidence stage  before judgment.

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