Tuesday, March 1, 2011

IP Komodo v IP Dragon

The Komodo dragon or varanus komodoensis is the world’s largest lizard and lives on the island of Komodo in Indonesia. One particular Komodo has a keen interest in Intellectual Property (see IP Komodo’s blog at http://ipkomododragon.blogspot.com/). IP Komodo is spending some time prowling around China in March and by dint of being the biggest and scariest lizard on the block, has tossed the IP Dragon out and is occupying his blog.

Other China/Indonesia connections:

- a very substantial Chinese Indonesian population estimated at 3% of the population. Wikpedia says "Broadly speaking, there were three waves of immigration of ethnic Chinese to Southeast Asia in general and Indonesia in particular. The first wave was spurred by trading activities dating back to the time of Zheng He's voyage in the early 15th century, the second wave around the time of the Opium War, and the third wave around the first half of the 20th century where the Warlord era, Second Sino-Japanese War and Chinese Civil War took place." Today Chinese Indonesians are many of the leading businesses in Indonesia, many having built connections back to China.

- in 1293 the Mongol Chinese emperor Kublai Khan sent a massive fleet to invade Indonesia after the Javanese king cut off an emissary's ear. By the time the fleet arrive the Javanese king had died, and a renegade prince persuaded the Mongol army to fight and depose the king's successor. The duplicitous renegade prince then turned his own troops on the now exhausted-from-fighting Chinese army and sent them packing back to China, before taking the Javanese crown for himself!

IP Komodo is scouring China for interesting IP news to compare with the other Asian countries where he has devoured animals, people and IP news.

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