Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When licensing meets lizards

New7Wonders is a commercial organisation founded by a Swiss born entrepreneur which uses the Internet to have people all over the world vote for the 7 wonders of the world. It is funded through licensing its brand, events, TV and associated rights, and seeks to return some of its profits to the support of the world's wonders. It's latest project, the New 7 Wonders of Nature will close in a ceremony in November 2011 at which the winners will be announced based on expected millions of votes from across the globe.

Indonesia's Komodo National Park is one candidate. Allegedly the Ministry of Culture and Toursim in Jakarta had 'pledged' to host the awards event in November 2011. Something was agreed with an Indonesian consortium in late 2010, but the Ministry says it had not approved this. Early in 2011 the Minister baulked at the USD45 million price tag to license and manage the event - a US10 million license fee for the rights with another USD35 million for event management.

(IP Komodo's home)
First New7Wonders threatened to eject Komodo from the list of possible wonders. Now New7Wonders has withdrawn the Ministry's right to participate in the event. But has said it will continue to allow voting for Komodo. Indonesia is furious at the threats, New7Wonders allege there has been a breach of something, but are not specific as to what. In the newspapers on 9th February Indonesia threatened litigation; big gun lawyers have been hired so now we will see the biggest lizards of all appear.....

IP Komodo believes his island is a true wonder and will bite anyone who says otherwise.

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