Friday, January 21, 2011

Trade secrets, data privacy and Blackberry

Indonesia joined the club of nations including UAE, Saudi Arabia and India which have challenged RIM to open up its technology by either giving these governments access or establishing local servers which host the Blackberry service. Where other countries cited the need to obtain access to servers as being security related, Indonesian stakeholders  focussed on two other reasons. One was to reduce cost to users - but that came from the the Indonesian Telcos who claimed they pick up the tab for the increased cost of comms with RIM's Canadian servers.  The latest reason which appeared around the new year was that the Communications and Information Minister indicated that the ability to view pornography on BBs as they are locally known, was reason to ban the service. Unless they locate a server here of course. RIM are resisting, presumably to keep their technology secure and proprietary as well as keeping their customers emails and messages private. But RIM did open up it's messaging service in India on 13th January. Let's see if Indonesia closes RIM's browser service.

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