Thursday, October 10, 2019

Chelsea Football Club forced to defend its brand in Indonesia

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A person called Hardiman has filed a trademark suit against Chelsea Football Club Limited (Chelsea FC) at the Central Jakarta Commercial Court. The case was filed on May 15, 2019. The Plaintiff asserts that he is the legal owner of the Chelsea trade mark and logo; he registered several marks at the IP office. He has asked the court to revoke Chelsea FC's own trademarks. 

Chelsea FC has defended and countered that the Plaintiff's own marks were filed in bad faith. They have various Chelsea Football Club trade marks registered in many classes and claim to be a well known mark. 

Chelsea is a hugely popular team in Indonesia and have even played pre-season friendly games in Bung Karno Stadium.  It is relatively rare that trademark squatters file to cancel the genuine rights owner's marks in Indonesia but there is an increasing level of assertiveness from Indonesian registrants these days. No doubt the case is an attempt to win a payout. The case is continuing. 


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