Thursday, September 21, 2017

Indonesia starts on a national IP strategy

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Indonesia's IP Office has started formulating a Intellectual Property National Strategy. They ran a Focus Group Discussion attended by representatives of the IPO, other ministries and Indonesia's IP Attorneys Association (AKHKI) recently.  The Ministry of Law has established a team of National Expert. Their first activity is to conduct a study to review current national policies, as well as to identify the best way to align IP national strategy with other development priorities.

Many countries now use national IP strategies to help drive innovation. China started to do it a decade ago and several other SE Asian nations do the same thing including the Philippines and Vietnam.  A previous OCED study concluded that Indonesian trademark based industries are central to the economy. the International Trademarks Association has also published a study indicating the importance of trademark related industries to the local economies in the SEA region. Ecommerce is now proving a major new economic driver in Indonesia, with VC funded start ups turning into huge businesses. If the team of National Experts can draw all these elements together, many important Indonesian business sectors can benefit.  

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