Sunday, April 9, 2017

Patenting costs in SEA

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An analysis of the patenting costs in SE Asia conducted by IP Watchdog leads to the conclusion that to prosecute a national phase application and maintain the pattern to end of life in the major jurisdictions in the region would cost around USD 60,000. 
With a 40% increase in patent activity in the region in the last 3 years, ASEAN seeks under the AEC to become a hub of research and innovation activity. Most advanced states comprise Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand with Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines in a second tier. Chemical, agricultural and medical sciences lead the way. Singapore's AStar is the biggest R&D institutional applicant and Halliburton the largest commercial applicant. 

While filing costs are relatively uniform, translation fees are a major cost with Thailand the most expensive in the region. Not only does the original specification need to be translated in many countries but prosecution reports also need translation. The fact that some countries like Vietnam and Indonesia retain variable annuity fees also makes their costs higher.

The conclusion is that the AEC needs to focus on reducing the cost of patenting in ASEAN  to encourage greater innovation and more patenting.

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