Monday, January 16, 2017

Vietnam local trademark growth

Vietnam saw double digit trademark filing growth in 2015. 67,797 application classes were filed in total, according to official date released by WIPO in its annual report. But all this growth came from local Vietnamese trademark owners. Other SE Asian markets generally show lower filing volumes than Vietnam, probably because some are new to Madrid, (e.g. Philippines) or not yet fully operating Madrid (e.g. Indonesia, Thailand):

Thailand    52,344
Indonesia  49,534
Philippines 42,936
Malaysia    35,923
Foreign applicants in Vietnam comprised around 33% of the total applications, suggesting strong local brand filings (compared to 36% in Thailand). Non residents also filed well over half the applications filed in Vietnam, through Madrid. Vietnam is the oldest Madrid country in the SE Asian region so this is not surprising.
Vietnam is a one of the top countries word wide for filing services marks interestingly.
However fewer than 10% of the local applicant trademark filings led to protection abroad, suggesting a lack of international focus for local brands.  Only 63 Madrid applications came from Vietnam, with for example 29 from relatively new Madrid member Philippines. Vietnam will be keen to grow its overseas brand filings for its companies to compete on a regional and global level.

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