Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cambodia IP news

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Cambodia rarely features in IP news but a number of recent events have started to attract attention. Firstly Cambodia acceded to the PCT, the 151st nation to do so. The PCT will enter into force in Cambodia on December 8, 2016.

Meanwhile in July the Intellectual Property Association of Cambodia (“IPAC”) started operations. It mainly comprises IP professionals and plans to run IP training and seminars, raise awareness and cooperate with relevant government Ministries on IP.

Cambodia already has a full suite of IP laws, but in August the Minister of Commerce presided over a meeting of Committee on Management and Advancement of Trade Related Draft Laws and Regulations to look at possible updates. The laws of most relevance to IP holders they are reviewing include the Draft Law on Consumer Protection, the Draft Law on Competition and Draft Law on Ecommerce.

Lastly a well-known local IP figure, Var Roth San, an adviser to the Ministry of Commerce, has spoken to the press indicating that Cambodian firms need to establish their own brands to compete globally.


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