Monday, December 1, 2014

A global anti piracy initiative from the Philpinnes

Alto Broadcasting System – Chronicle Broadcasting Network, known the ABS-CBN entertainment group is the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment organization. It is conducting a relentless campaign against various pirates they accuse of distributing theirTV shows illegally online from various locations all over the world.

It began with raids in Australia, where pirated ABS-CBN DVDs, DVD burners and hundreds of copied ABS-CBN movies on computer hard drives were seized. Then they sued an American individual in the U.S. Federal District Court in Oregon and won USD10 million in damages for infringement of copyrights and well-known trademarks due to rebroadcasting ABS-CBN TV shows and movies including and

Now they have issued litigation in the US Federal District Court in Florida last week against various  p
artnerships or unincorporated business associations that operate many domain names including and Again all are showing pirated ABS-CBN TV shows and movies.

It is impressive that an Asian company is targeting pirates so aggressively and leveraging strong overseas legal systems to get results. 

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