Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thailand gets set for Madrid

The Ministry of Commerce has stated its intention to join the Madrid system as part of its ASEAN obligations. Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) Director General Patchima Thanasanti said last week that joining the Madrid Protocol by 2015 is a priority.  The DIP and Council of State have completed the draft amendment to the Trade Mark Act to comply with Madrid.  The draft amendment is expected to be introduced to Parliament in August this year. It should take effect in early 2014.

Major expected amendments are as follows.

1.    Enabling multi-class applications.
2.    Abolishing the provision relating to association of marks
3.    Allowing assignment of all or some goods/services (partial assignment)
4.    Adding the new chapter on international registrations, i.e. the rules on Central Attack, Transformation and Replacement

Thailand should join Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines as the 4th ASEAN member. 





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